What We Offer

We from PacPOS Tech understand that just like each of our customers, each of their websites must have their own style, personality and needs. We also believe that our customers are looking for a professional, affordable, and reliable company when looking to build their websites. Have a look through our professional web design portfolio and see for yourself the kind of dedication and professionalism our clients have came to know and count on.

  • Each of our website is customized. No repitition of templates or color scheme.
  • We offer customized flash website at the cost of a regular website
  • Order your site today , Get is up and running by tomorrow. Guaranteed

About Us

We are a small team of web experts that strive to produce the most amazing and cutting edge designs and code possible. We love to push the boundaries of what is possible with design, CSS, and JavaScript, developing new technologies and techniques as we go.

PacPOS Tech is a web application development company, headquartered in Houston TX, we are focused on providing custom development on a per project basis.
Project based development
Normally suited for individual well defined projects. If you have any requirement get in touch with us and we shall contact you within 24 hrs with our proposal.The pricing model under this engagement model can vary between:
Fixed Price: The model is suitable when it is a relatively small project and all the deliverables are clearly defined. We get your specifications, get back to you with our fixed quote and time estimates. We get your work order and advance, the work is started and completed within the deadline meeting all your requirements.
Partial multiple payment(Modules delivered model): Normally the scope of the project is much larger in this model. The entire project is broken up into modules. After completion of each module it is uploaded for your testing. The payments are broken up and related to completion of each module. Our extensive use of Agile methodology allows customers to evaluate at each stage and change as necessary, this helps them to stay focussed on their solution and be flexible without worrying much on the development challenges.

a. Lower cost. The actual per man hr cost over the month is much lower than the rate on a per project engagement. The cost reduces almost by 20%. Huge Savings. Also, if you hire a small team, we will give something more. We have companies having small teams saving almost 30% of the total cost, if they had to utilise developers on a per project engagament. Get in touch with us now!
b. Competent Project Manager to manage your team.
c. Flexible team Size: On a much shorter notice you can increase or reduce the team size. Very difficult if you had the develpers in your own pay roll.
d. Focus on your business goals
e.Scalable Infrastructure